10 Good Reasons for Permanent Cosmetics

  1.  Convenience. No need to apply daily. Fantastic for anyone with little or no time to apply makeup.
  2. Makeup is perfect every day.
  3. Excellent solution for those allergic or sensitive to cosmetics or “tear” their makeup off.
  4. More than just convenient. It can help restore the self-esteem of those affected by radiation, chemotherapy, and other conditions causing hair loss.
  5. Great for those with poor eyesight. Eliminates the worry of improperly applied makeup.
  6. Provides good definition for those with fair hair or thin brows as well as those with undefined lips.
  7. No more painful application for those with arthritic or aching hands.
  8. No more worry about smears and disappearing makeup.
  9. Great for those with an active, outdoor lifestyle.
  10. If you want to replace color: Breasts (areola), cleft lips, and vitiligo patches are examples where cosmetic tattooing can help.