Nancy Richard

Nancy Richard is the business owner of N’Rich Images Permanent Cosmetics & the N’Rich Images School for Permanent Cosmetics. Her personal motto “Good is not good enough”, a passion to satisfy the needs of others, a strong clinical background, an artistic ability and a keenness to detail has led to her success. Nancy began her aesthetic career in 1999 working with a plastic surgeon in Wilmington, DE. She easily transitioned into her career as a Micropigmentation specialist in 2001 and, subsequently, received her teaching certification in 2003. This allowed her to play a vital role in recreating the feature(s) lost due to age, trauma, illness or just simply had a desire to enhance existing features such as that of the working woman.

As a licensed aesthetician, an optician and a micropigmentation specialist, Nancy is able to combine her expertise in all three of these fields.

  • She expertly and artistically applies permanent cosmetics
  • She creates symmetry where it is lacking.
  • She creates balance.

Both clients of her services and students of her school soon discover what Nancy already knew. Balance in the facial and body features bring a change in attitude, outlook, and confidence. Ho, you ask? Nancy’s answer is, “Because if you think you look good, you feel good! It’s a win-win situation. I love the fact I give others that extra little skip in their beat”.

Nancy has always believed in the “conservative approach”. “Fads come and go – our cosmetics should be applied according to our skin tone and the shape of our face.”

Nancy’s passion to help those affected by radiation, chemotherapy, mastectomy surgery and other conditions causing hair loss and also loss of pigment is apparent to those she meets. As a daughter of a cancer survivor and a wife of a cancer survivor, Nancy understands this well and is impassioned to help those survivors in this step of their personal healing process.

After 19 years in the business, her passion has never wavered. “What better way to spend a day – helping bring a new perspective to the lives of the people I see!”